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Mindfulness Masterclass with Dr Prem

Our mind is a great wanderer always trying to drift away from the focus. Mindfulness is putting reins on the wandering mind making it focus on the present. Experts believe mindfulness helps you in living a full and conscious life.  Do you know mindfulness can have a big impact on your career? Leading employers are always in the lookout for mindful employees. 

The course gives you an in-depth understanding of mindfulness and how it can be used to train your brain to improve your efficiency. It is designed to meet the requirements of professionals, students and corporate organizations looking to improve their employee productivity.

Being mindful is not a tiring task but a subtle trait that needs to be nurtured. We have the tendency to be unmindful that is not to be present at the moment. Checking social media, looking out or doing any other sort of thing while at work is unmindfulness. Some are genetically predisposed to this habit.

If you evaluate the work hour loss owing to lack of mindfulness, it would be staggering! Mindfulness can be your greatest productivity tool. It is also a tool to cultivate happiness. Developing mindfulness needs motivation and structured guidance. This is where this guided course comes handy. You may nurture some wrong concepts or adopt faulty practices. Do you know there is a difference between mindfulness and meditation? The course takes you through simple easy-to-follow tactics to develop your mindfulness. You will feel the difference.

You will learn:

·      Ways to achieve mindfulness

·      Mindfulness – influence on career

·      Mindfulness – its therapeutic approach

·      Changing your DNA for good

·      Mindfulness yoga

·      Effortless meditation

·      Mindful eating

· Cultivating Happiness through mindfulness

Mindfulness Masterclass by Dr Prem - Practical Guide to Wellbeing, Success, and Life Transformation