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Introduction to Wellness Tourism Masterclass

Wellness on the go – this is how the modern tourism market is shaping up. The fast-paced growth in the wellness tourism market has opened up immense business opportunities. Tourism business is never going to be the same. According to GWI (Global Wellness Institute, a not-for-profit organization) declaration, wellness tourism valued $639 million in 2019 is projected to reach $919 billion by 2020! Global population is more wellness conscious.

 People are giving equal importance to mind and body. Amidst the daily hectic drive, the entire wellbeing goes for a toss. And what else but travel can give you the opportunity for self-reboot? Wellness tourism grew more than twice the normal tourism. Wellness travelers spend more than leisure travelers. They are discerning travelers, a different kind. Wellness tourism also has a linkage with medical tourism.

If you are into travel business looking to expand selling propositions or a newbie, this is the time to ramp up your business settings. Getting a first-hand informative guidance about this form of tourism is a must. What is driving wellness tourism? How did it initiate? What travelers are gaining from it?

If you are an avid traveler, you can enrich your tourism experience with the knowledge of wellness tourism. It is a must-know thing for all. This course is specially designed by globally renowned experts who have put in their views from personal experiences and case studies. It guides you right from explaining different dimensions of wellness to how it is contributing to this form of tourism.

You will learn:

·      Understanding wellness and wellness tourism

·      History of wellness tourism

·      Benefits offered by wellness tourism

·      Limitations of wellness tourism

Complementary and integrative medical tourism