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Wellness Tourism patient perspective Masterclass with Dr Prem

Patients are travelling more for wellness apart from other healthcare needs. Wellness-related needs are perhaps much varied than the conventional clinical needs. If you are a wellness service provider serving in an individual capacity or a business organization or aspiring to be one, this course will serve your objectives. Wellness travel is based on evolving wellness trends forcing businesses to fast adopt newer strategies.

The course is meant to equip students, professionals and businesses with the required knowledge and in-depth understanding of this emerging sector going beyond the basics. Why people and patients are traveling for wellness? What does it entail? It focuses on building skills required for newer service and product development and resource management that would successfully cater to the needs of your target customers/patients.

The prime benefit of this course is that it is created by global experts from various domains related to wellness tourism. You will have a grasp on how global changes especially the demographic and behavioral shifts contribute to this form of travel. The course provides you insights on market differentiation. You will be taught how to guide patients in all aspects of wellness travel and create personalized service plans to gain a competitive edge.

You will learn:

·      Understanding why people travel for wellness

·      The role of a wellness tourism facilitator

·      How to become a good wellness tourism service provider

·      Budgeting for your patients

·      Travel and accommodation arrangements

·      Crucial things to plan out for

·      Gathering authentic information

·      Medical kit – must haves in wellness travel

Wellness Tourism- A perfect way to uplift your body, mind, and soul by DR PREM JAGYASI