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Medical Tourism Facilitator Masterclass Intro

As medical tourism shows steady growth, the facilitators have a bigger role to play. A facilitator acts as a bridge between the patient and the provider(s). It brings the best solutions to patients taking care of all their wants and needs. Today, facilitators are almost indispensable. Their service matters a lot in patient experience.

How well you can serve your customers? This needs a combination of training and skill-development strategies that do not appear in the set-curriculum of educational organizations. But the demand is high. Lots of offerings are available in the market. The number of patients willing for abroad medical travel is growing. So, it is opportunities galore for a medical tourism facilitator. A competent facilitator can show the right direction.

If you want to work in an individual capacity or set up an agency or company of your own, then you are the best candidate of this course. The course takes you through every crucial step of building competency as a facilitator. It is not only related to creating smart cost-effective travel and treatment plans, but also teaches you to be prepared well ahead to mitigate the potential perils and obstacles of the medical tourist.

Taking this course will help you develop that level of foresightedness in dealing with patients from different countries with varied cultures. You will have a better understanding of your role and learn ways to fit yourself well with the patient’s requirements.  The successive tutorials will teach you to assess your capabilities and create newer strategies as would be required in the path of growth.

You will learn:

·     The importance of a medical tourism facilitator

·     The role of a medical tourism facilitator

·     How to become a competent medical tourism facilitator

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