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Understanding Medical Tourism Masterclass

Understanding medical tourism is not as simple as presented in texts. If you are into the medical tourism business or planning to start one, you need to expand your vision and thoughts more than what is apparent. It is indeed surprising how different facets of medical tourism are changing as it is becoming a widely accepted practice worldwide. Market segmentation has been evolving that itself demands a category-wise study.

Global healthcare has been advancing at an impressive rate with tech disruptors and breakthroughs making news headlines quite often. How this is affecting the behavior and trends of medical travelers? Are patients concerned only of their health? Certainly not! Today, more emphasis is on wellness, the term medical wellness is gaining grounds. If you consider the treatment perspective, that too varies a lot. How well are you acquainted with these?

Understanding medical tourism largely implies understanding the patients, and this is the toughest part. It is a continuous learning curve. Where do the challenges lie? More the industry advances more essential would be the understanding. This is important to fix your customer base and also to create a suitable business model. The course is a comprehensive guide to help you set a clear vision of your business objectives and the model that will fetch you best returns.

You will learn:

·      Understanding medical tourism term and trends

·      Healthcare costs – why is it cheaper?

·      The history of medical tourism

·      The various benefits of medical tourism

·      Challenges faced in medical tourism

·      Various important terms in medical tourism

·      Understanding patient’s needs

Medical Tourism Masterclass - Patient Experience, Rule of Complexity & Winning Customers by Dr Prem

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