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Developing self-leadership Masterclass with Dr Prem

Do you follow your thoughts in the pursuit of life goals or let others determine it for you? This is the crux of self-leadership where you consciously set your personal goals (or that of the organization) to achieve success. Complexities and negative situations in life are inevitable but giving in to these means creating blockades to your achievement.

Self-led people are in full control of their thoughts, emotions and actions. They are focused and smart in goal setting. They do not hesitate to seek any support or guidance to move up the growth curve fast. They have a high sense of accountability and are better performers.

The course guides you to achieve self-awareness helping you to create strategies to handle negative or unfair situations in life. It will help you discover your true potential. Throughout the course, you will work on important traits to build interpersonal relationship skills to lead others.

If you are into the corporate world dealing with varied situations regularly, the course will help you to take control of your emotions and influence others at the same time. You will become self-reliant and learn to make smart leadership decisions and negotiations. As a career aspirant, you will improve on self-confidence through self mentoring strategies that would make you smart to deal with any situation. As a student, you will be able to set realistic objectives and succeed in achieving it.

You will learn:

·      Attaining self awareness

·      Accomplish through self-belief

·      Self-esteem – the light within

·      Begin with self-confidence

·      Self-reliance – A journey within

·      Self love

·      Mastering self control

·      Effective and efficient self-management

·      Self-mentoring

·      Evaluate your performance

·  Self determination to take you places