Understanding Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Our mind is a den with a random inflow and outflow of thoughts. In this fast paced world, our mind is always ‘on’ wandering aimlessly and ceaselessly amidst this chaotic flow of thoughts. We strive and struggle to get things done, meet deadlines and fulfill tasks one after another.

We stop living for the present moment. This agitates our mind. Struggling is important in life but equally important is to pause and slow down a bit. For example, many of us rush to pick up a phone call driven the hasty nature that we have developed bit by bit. We tend to lose our focus instantly. We cease to be mindful.

To put it simply, mindfulness implies being in the present moment. Focus on the present situation. Forget about the past gains and pains. Stop projecting the future. Just be in the moment. Rein in your mind to the present moment. According to wellness tourism expert Anna Guchok, “the application of mindfulness is the key to a full and conscious life.”

Mindfulness programs highly sought after in wellness resorts and retreats

Dr Prem Jagyasi, a globally renowned speaker and wellness and medical tourism consultant comments, ”The trend of integrating mindfulness programs in wellness retreats and resorts along with yoga and meditation programs is growing fast. People have realized the importance of mindfulness to beat stress, increase productivity and get rid of unwanted thoughts and apprehensions.”

Being an expert in the domain of wellness, he strongly advocates the practice of mindfulness that can change our approach to various life situations. He believes, mindfulness teaches you to be more proactive and thoughtful and fetch long term gains.

You are unmindful most of the time:

To understand mindfulness better, let us study the word unmindful. What does it mean? It means our attention in constantly shifting gears completely losing focus on the present moment.

Just recollect when did you last enjoy the beautiful sunshine or admired the beauty of a blooming flower or the flock of birds flying across the sky? Seldom. Because hardly your mind is aware of the present moment.

Mindfulness is just the reverse of unmindful or ‘mindlessness’. It means raising the moment-to moment-awareness and focus our attention to the present with full acknowledgement and acceptance of our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. It helps us reconnect with self and create harmony with the world.

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