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Goals and passion: Power combination class with Dr Prem

Passion drives towards goals. We give importance to goal setting but do they follow our passion?  If you do not identify your passion, you will falter in goal setting and be miles away from what you really want to achieve. Life is complex and throws overwhelming situations. You might not be able to identify your passion -what you would like to be or what you enjoy doing.

People unable to find their passion and their goals are often influenced by external stimuli. That does not make one happy. They miss one important thing of life, the zeal and enthusiasm to do something. They are unable to find the purpose of the job they are into. They simply go on doing what is being asked to do. Their real traits remain untapped. 

You may have some inherent talents that could change your life. But external inputs create a different mosaic in your subconscious mind overshadowing your passion. The course is purposed to remove the cloud from your mind so that you discover yourself and set your goals.

Do you listen to yourself? Are you struggling to find your passion? This is where guided coaching matters. Passion is such a powerful force that can oust any obstacle coming in your way to achievement. You may be a student or a working professional always willing to give the best but you need to give way to your passion to make yourself stand out in the crowd.

You will learn:

·      Concept introduction

·      What is passion?

·      Is passion necessary?

·      Your passion

How your passion is related to your goals?