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A guide to goal achievement – Masterclass with Dr Prem

We always seek achievement without taking care of the basics. So, a wide gap exists between goal setting and goal achievement. If the former is not set right, the latter is not possible. Firstly, how many times have you succeeded in setting the right goal? Could you achieve those?   

Failures are not uncommon, but how do you view it? Wrong interpretations can make things worse. This is why people lose their vision in goal setting and achieving it. Surely, you don’t want this to happen with you.

Goal setting is not an easy task. It keeps changing at different stages of life or business.  Every goal small or big needs proper planning and execution. It demands a different approach. In planning, you may be right in few steps and falter in some. How to identify the lapses? Trial and errors teach a lot but you may lose great opportunities. And who doesn’t know opportunities do not knock your door often? 

Experienced guidance can broaden your vision. You will develop better clarity in your thought process. It will enhance your ability to assess properly and teach you to be more realistic.  If you are firm in achieving your goals without getting into the faltering process, this course is right for you.

You will learn:

·      Course introduction

·      Goal setting

·      Ways to reach your goals

·      Learn new skills

·      Seek guidance

·      Self accountability is the mantra

·      Accept failures

·      Re-evaluate

·      Stay focused and positive

·      Keep contingency plans ready

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