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Know the meaning of goals Masterclass Dr Prem

People set goals without thinking deep. Some sort of external influence you call it inspiration drives human beings to set goals. Is that goal in sync with the person’s nature and capacity? Humans cannot survive without any goal but it is important to understand what it actually translates in reality. This short course gives you insights of different aspects of goals and its implications clearing your vision about it. The term objective and goals are often used synonymously but a difference exists between the two. You need to understand that as well.

Lack of understanding creates misconceptions. Success and failure to achieve goals can be looked at differently. What do you mean by achieving goals? What is its relation with the toil and sweat that you undertake? All these have subtle meanings whose effects are long lasting. Unless you know the in-depth meaning, you will fail to evaluate your endeavor in goal pursuits. That can lead to discouragement.

The course helps you to view goals from a broader perspective. You learn to differentiate between systems and goals. Where do you stand and where you intend to reach? You get a clear vision. Taking this course will make you realistic and smarter in goal setting. Most importantly, you will be always on your track in any situation.