Concept introduction

In this chapter

·       Understanding the term “Passion”

·       Why passion matters

·       How to define your passion

·       Why goal setting is central to your passion

Passion helps you decide your goals

Anything you want enough with a hunger to achieve it at any cost is supposed to have its roots in a lurking or strong passion to rise above where you are right now. When you are passionate about a particular object, aim, objective, person, thing or something intangible yet realizable, you try to covert that enthusiasm to achieve into your goal. Goals when combined with passion help individuals to commit to things they would have otherwise thought unachievable. A passionate soul can strongly negate those obstacles that could force a less determined person to abandon or postpone his or her goal to some other time. Passion is something that helps you take good decisions, stick to your plans and eventually, commit your mind, body and soul to get closer or even realize your goal with immense ease and confidence.

We tend to read both terms – goal and objective – in the same vein, which undeniably is as erroneous as it probably should be. Objectives are significant milestones that collectively constitute a goal, while goal is a larger entity dependent on successful realization of individual objectives. Whether it is goal or an objective, it is necessary to have the same kind of passion to include the elements of precision, dexterity, keenness and accomplishment to achieve them. Passion, on the other hand, is the driving force that helps people in deciding, taking actions and achieving objectives and, thereby, goals in an effective way.

We do need to be passionate about our goals, particularly when we cannot afford to settle down on anything less than satisfactory achievement of our goals. Our passion toward our goal keeps us on the track and motivated. On the other hand, any goal devoid of passion finds it difficult to achieve satisfactory fruition. When you cannot associate your passion with the task, objective or the goal at hand, chances are that your efforts will lack commitment and the zeal to excel.

Even those half-hearted measures mean nothing when you cannot align your thought with actions; thereby, making goal-achievement an unrealizable and distant dream. It is in the best interest of all to focus on things and goals that involve their passion and determination. After all, passion acts as a booster to your desires that shape your future course of action toward goal achievement.