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Wild Life Tourism


Visiting destinations with the target of observing wildlife from close quarters and the way they react to their habitats is basically what wild life tourism is all about. It doesn’t necessarily mean wild life tourism is only confined to forests. It includes vast icy flats and barren deserts as well or it may be right in the ocean for that matter. Presence of flora and fauna is an essential feature of wild life tourism. In recent years, wild life tourism has registered a rapid growth and it is also associated with the tourist’s responsibility to ensure their visit doesn’t disrupt the ecology harming plant and animal life. When we talk of wild life tourism the picture of the continent of Africa pops up before our eyes! Africa is indeed the Mecca of wildlife for its diversity of wildlife inhabiting rain forests and the savannas. Apart from Africa wild life tourism is vibrant in South America, US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal and in India. Today wildlife tourism has evolved into a flourishing industry pumping in squillions of dollars from the visiting wildlife aficionados. Tour packages and safaris have been suitably tailored to the customers’ needs. There has been a surge in construction of jungle lodges and cozy accommodations where the tourists check in f or an exciting safari ahead.