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Wine Tourism

Wine tourism, also known in tourism jargon as enotourism, aims at visiting wineries and the supporting vineyards with the intention of walking around vineyards, tasting and procuring wines. The essence of enotourism is not only confined to the consumption of some terrific brands of wine but is also involved in the harvesting process getting an intimate exposure to the nuances of the brewing process that results in the production of some of the finest grades with the requisite color, taste and flavor much appreciated from a connoisseur’s viewpoint. The concept of wine tourism is comparatively a novel idea that has stormed the tourism industry inviting a huge influx of wine enthusiasts. It is educative, refined and much of the pleasure drawn depends upon the quality, articulation and the wide range of experience of the tour guide who escorts you through the wine country. Some of the legendary wine producing areas are the Napa Valley in the United States, the Hunter valley in Australia, the South African wineries and last but not the least the sunny Mediterranean vineyards of France, Italy, Spain and Greece, which have featured with prominence in this type of tourism. Wine tourism exposes you to a different world where the fusion of thrill and an entirely new culture dominates.