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Sustainable Tourism

The major niche tourism types expose the tourist to new definitions of pleasure and amazing experiences of exotic cultures and wonderful landscapes. So does sustainable tourism, but additionally it puts an emphasis on the responsibility aspect of the tourist as well. The concept of sustainable tourism is to ensure visit by tourists to destinations with the target of causing minimum damage to the local culture, environment and ecology. The code of sustainable tourism also envisages generation of employment of local population as a direct consequence of tourist influx from outside. The attitude towards sustainability of tourism calls for a combined growth of social, cultural, economic and ecological aspects of a destination experiencing regular visit. A subtle equilibrium should be maintained between all these components in order to ensure long term survival of a tourist destination and its local inhabitants whose bread and butter depends upon tourist visit. With the phenomena of global warming pervading the universe, the importance of sustainable tourism has been on the rise. Beautiful destinations would just be reduced to a thing of the past unless the tourists show their share of responsibility keeping the environment tidy and free from material and cultural pollution. Sustainable tourism is catching up fast and is a good signal for tourism industry.