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Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is one of the most entertaining sectors of tourism industry and is experiencing growth at a furiously rapid pace. It is bringing in an astounding $600 every year to the tourism industry approximately. It a form of tourism where the customer travels away from his native soil to either witness sporting events or take part in the competitions. Sports tourism has been categorized into hard sport, soft sport, celebrity sport, active sport and nostalgic sports. In Hard sports tourism, we have earth shaking events organized at a grand scale and the feverish pitch of such events sweep the universe turning sports lovers frenzied and charged with intense excitement. The Olympic Games, FIFA world cup, Grand Prix and Wimbledon Tennis are the classic examples of Hard sports category. The crowd here hits an astronomical figure. Soft sport tourism doesn’t witness a stiff competitive spirit. It offers a recreational break where the tourist participates in soft sports like hiking, skiing and wind surfing. This type of tourism is mostly aimed at providing fun and a relaxed ambiance to the customer. Nostalgic and Celebrity tourism would mean visiting places to meet your dream sports personalities when they are holidaying and visiting sports hall of fame to witness eminent sport personalities of the past in actions frozen in photography.