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Self development Masterclass with Dr Prem

We are into the path of self-development through our regular activities. But is that enough? Self-development always needs fine-tuning. You cannot say, well I have developed enough. This is a continuous process having different implications in personal and professional lives.  Don’t you feel that you could more? People striving for improvement, perfection or excellence always give importance to self-development by working on their strengths and weaknesses. Am I not missing out on something vital that can make a big difference?

It is a journey of improving and mending. While you sharpen your strong points, you also mend others. But are you getting things right? Could you assess your strengths and weaknesses properly?  Voluminous self-development guides are all around offering quick-fix ways but this course takes a different approach. It is just not a mere list of do’s and don’ts.

Self-development is your job. No one can do it for you. Self-development paths are different for different individuals. The course helps you to identify vital things that you might have come across but never considered essential for your self-development. What are those?

You will be surprised to learn how simple adjustments or alterations in life can help in self-development. In due course, you will learn to discover your real persona, not the one that is imposed externally. The course will build your motivation and take you through an interesting journey where

You will learn:

·      Belong to yourself

·      Find a sense of purpose in your life

·      Declutter your life

·      Scrape it out

·      The one idea to help carve your niche

·      Manifest your thoughts

·      Eliminate energy drainers

·      Contribution, not accumulation

·      Become a person of value

And many more………….