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Self development- Planning and Progress

Self-development cannot happen naturally without planning and progress monitoring. Many are smart in executing plans but fail in strategizing it. The course helps in opening your inner eye to build your ability in self-identification to plan your self-development. It guides you to find your life purpose and how to modify yourself accordingly. It may be changing your attitude towards life or get into goal-setting. Every constructive step you take becomes a part of self-development. Learning to plan is a self-development process by itself. However, things should be in the ordered form. Else planning won’t yield.

The course gives a basic concept of your life purpose and the subsequent chapters educate you about various aspects of self-development. It teaches you to be systematic in your approach. As you proceed with learning, you will develop interesting perspective of self-development. You will learn how hurdles can be viewed as milestones. Often we feel hurdles as big deterrents.

You come across new concepts like ‘chunking’ as to how to achieve your goal by fragmentation into small objectives. We all have weaknesses but very few acknowledge it. This is something very important in self-development. You will be taught how to review your progress and quantify achievements. The best thing you learn is how to remain focused and positive whatever may be the situation.