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Ways to attain your goals Masterclass with Dr Prem 2

This short course, an extension of the Goal achievement masterclass, aims to equip you with additional insights. The journey from goal setting to goal achieving necessitates you work on a few vital traits to tide over various situations likely to come your way. How desirous you are? Your desire should be strong enough to drive you towards your goals. If your desire loses its steam, you fall short in your achievements. This is very common. The course is meant to help you spot such shortcomings and mend it without delay.

Achieving goals is not without its share of challenges. Challenges that are internal - lack of courage, fear and the inability to move out of the comfort zone. Are you willing to beat these challenges or tend to shy away? If you are in the escape mode, goals remain unachievable.

The course teaches valuing patience, enhancing self belief and how you share your goals. Does your subconscious mind resonate with your goals? What are your thoughts regarding sharing your progress? How do you identify the right person for sharing? Very few understand the power of sharing and interaction in achieving goals. The course provides you with valuable example-based information about goal sharing that never struck you before.