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 Photography Tourism

There is a fundamental connection between photography and tourism as the former is often employed as an effective device in promoting the latter. Photographic tourism may be defined as a venture to distant land which usually offers an enchanting beauty with a view to taking photography snaps for pleasure and preservation of beauty forever in archives. The existence of a panoramic landscape would be highlighted and eulogized perhaps a thousand times more effectively than words or texts can describe no matter how brilliantly presented.

Photography operates as an illustrative means for marketing the irresistible charm of a destination through picture postcards, bill board and TV advertisements, brochures and brightly illustrated travel guides. Similarly, the tourism industry extends financial support to photography. A lot of professional photographers flock around picturesque locales to click a shot and earn their daily bread. The advertisement of beautiful travel spots that we see in television ads, newspapers, websites and railway stations are a direct contribution of photography. Someone with a brilliant artistic sense must have operated from behind the camera and therefore immortal images have come into existence. A study has found that photography is so closely linked with tourism that a traveler buys photographs before, during and after his trip.