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Medical Tourism Patient perspective with Dr Prem

In-depth analysis of medical tourism from the patient perspective is the base of all studies associated with it. It is directly linked to patient’s expectations that culminate into patient experience. If you are unable to view this, you cannot provide a great patient experience. Medical tourism has shown significant growth but the growth drivers do not remain the same given the changing patient perspective. A mix of several factors is driving the current medical tourism market.

This short course is aimed to give an insight into various factors that a patient is likely to face while contemplating overseas healthcare. It will help you to get a clear picture of what a patient thinks and expects from medical tourism?  If you are a medical tourism service provider or facilitator, the course will enlighten you of the varied patient perspectives based on his/her home country, culture and medical practices that he/she is habituated to. This will broaden your outlook and help in offering services matching the patient’s expectations.

The course enriched with various case studies brings a lot of benefits for prospective medical travelers. Should you go for medical tourism? Will it suit you? Are you getting the right information? You will be guided through various essential check points missing which can upset your entire venture.

You will learn:

·      Why are people opting for medical tourism?

·      Things that can go wrong while traveling for medical tourism

·      Things to keep in mind before traveling to medical tourism

·      The role of a companion in medical tourism

·      How to gather information