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Medical tourism destinations Masterclass

Medical tourism market is purely destination-based. Destinations make your medical tourism business and they are not few.  As beyond the border travel for healthcare grows, newer destinations are emerging with unique propositions. They are the ones that are shaping the growth pattern of medical tourism market creating a highly competitive scenario.

Who are visiting which countries and why? This is changing constantly. You need to understand the patient attitude with respect to destinations which is crucial for your business. Each destination is unique owing to its people, culture, and tradition and, of course, in medicinal practices.

Cutting-edge technology and innovative therapies are fast changing the global healthcare landscape. How medical tourism destinations are aligning to it? Unless you know the uniqueness of destinations, you will not be able to create suitable products/services. Neither will it help you in identifying the right customer base.

The Medical tourism destinations Masterclass is designed by experts and seasoned professionals with first-hand experience in everything related to it. You need proper guidance about the finer nuances which is often beyond general perception. The concepts designed chapter wise help in identifying critical success factors involving both the people and the place.

You will learn about:

·      The concept of medical tourism destination

·      The basic ingredients of a successful medical tourism destination

·      Identifying the destination potential

·      Geographical and cultural factors influencing destination growth

·      Unique sales proposition regarding healthcare facilities and standards, tourism and wellness.

·      Strategies taken by different destinations in terms of resource utilization and capacity building

·      Destination marketing and brand building

·      Sustainability of medical tourism in a particular destination

Creating destination-based business strategies