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Lean leadership for Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Lean leadership fosters continuous improvement culture by emphasizing value-added services cutting off redundant and wasteful activities. This means maximizing yield with optimal use of resources. It is a culture that demands effective blending of specific tools, concepts and guiding techniques to take organizations to newer heights. 

Lean leadership is not a new term but few have a good understanding of it. In medical tourism, it needs a different approach given the equal level of participation of healthcare, travel and tourism and medical tourism professionals. This course is designed for healthcare and medical tourism professionals aiming for improved treatment outcomes and patient experience through an enhanced organizational culture.

This course focuses on real-world application of lean leadership with interesting easy-to-learn features and effective clarity of the basic concepts. Though lean-leadership is of paramount importance, organizations face extreme difficulties in implementation. Anybody cannot spearhead the lean leadership culture. The course also deals with essential leadership attributes for the lean culture. It is important they have the vision to spot areas of waste generation and ways to cut it down.

The course guides about the required changes in leadership attitude to help in waste reduction and productivity boost. In today’s competitive market, this is an absolute necessity. The benefits and importance of lean leadership specific to medical tourism are clearly explained. A separate chapter is also dedicated to startups.