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Festival Tourism


Festival tourism refers to visits by customers to destinations where a carnival often having a religious and cultural significance is being organized. Festivals are associated with a glaring exhibit of lights, music, dance and mostly unrestricted amusement. Huge crowd of men and women with bliss written on their faces, queue the festival celebration sites in amusement with a hum of hectic activities. Specific festivals usually adhere to specific dates or an earmarked time span or a particular season of the year. Unlimited fun, enormous crowd, makeshift vendor kiosks selling food, mementos and art pieces that signify the spirit of the festival are the discernible features of festival tourism. During festival tourism, the locals generally put on lively apparels and to ignite the excitement may even wear traditionally bizarre costumes as for example the Halloween prop masks during the spooky Halloween night or the Santa hat and beard on Christmas Eve. Tourists engage in buying, and vendors hawk and sell. The pace of transaction takes on a frenzied pitch, and the festive mood reaches new heights of merriment. Some of the famous festivals tempting multitude of tourists are: (a) Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, the celebrated beer revelry, (b)Rio Carnival in Brazil featuring colorful Samba madness, (c)Burning man festival in Nevada, USA, (d)Dussera  and Dipavali festivals in India and (e) Fringe festival in Edinburg, Scotland.