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Goal-setting stories

Real-life stories are true inspirers in goal-setting and goal achievement. This course has listed a few of such real goal-setting stories worth-following till date. There is a purpose to create this story-based course. You learn easily as real-life stories are convincing. It fuels your desire. You get a role model to follow. When our subconscious mind registers a belief, it pushes us continuously towards the specific track.

Theories, principles, strategies and tactics of goal-setting are plenty. When you can relate these with some real-life stories, your learning is complete. You get a clear understanding of goal-setting and achieving it. The stories are practical applications of theories/concept that you learn from different courses.

The course narrates stories of four interesting personalities who are masters in different domains. They belonged to different eras, had different beliefs and followed different philosophies. Their challenges were different as well. The interesting aspect is to follow their approach in different situations. What is the uniqueness that helped them reach their goals? Can you relate yourself to those?

Their views on goals, success and achievements are totally different. It might challenge your beliefs. Some of their approaches are relevant today as well. You will develop a new vision and view goal-setting on a broader canvas.