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Find your passion Masterclass with Dr Prem

You often come across the piece of advice, be passionate about your job, studies, career or whatever you do. Unless you have a passion for it, you will not grow, succeed or become happy etc. etc.; understandable. But have you found your passion? Or just following the herd mentality? Many people remain involved in tasks/job which they do not enjoy or fail to relate to. They do not feel the soulful engagement. They fail to find the reason.

Your passion gives you the reason to do something. It pushes you to the learning curve leading to acquiring knowledge and sharpening skills. In short, your passion gives you the purpose of doing things whatever it may be. Now, how to find it?

It is not easy. You may not know yourself properly. Somebody should show you the ways. A guided course like this will help you to identify special traits in you. Sometimes it is not possible to decide the right thing about your passion. You may feel stuck. This course will present a bigger picture making things easier for you. You will get to know yourself at a deeper level. Whether you are a student or a professional, this course is meant for all.

You will learn:

·      What is passion?

·      Listen to your inner voice

·      Sneak a peek into your childhood

·      Come out of your comfort bubble

·      Travel to arrive at your objective

·      Be as selfish as you can be

·      Make time to analyze what you admire in your role models

·      Try new things

….And many more