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Guide to mindful goal achieving Masterclass with Dr Prem

You have your goals set but how strong is your desire to achieve them? Desire is the heat of the fire that drives you towards your goals. Achieving every goal be it a short term or long term should be fueled by your desire. This is the basis of mindfulness in achieving goals. The course takes you through different stages of goal achievement through an observant self-study.

It comprises of three parts dealing with three key concepts bringing forth the challenges and showing you the ways to overcome it. Even if you are desirous of achieving goals but confusion and obstacles midway can douse the flames of desire. The course helps you to keep the fire burning to propel your desire.

Goals can be of different types, the key to goal-setting is based on individual preference, which is unique to everyone. It cannot be defined in the usual manner always. Here lies the uniqueness of this course. You get a new vision.

You will learn to differentiate between the system and the goals. Many fail to identify the demarcation between the two. You need to be in a system to achieve a specific goal. The course also teaches you how to focus on specific goals one at a time based on your skill set and talent. This is the way you can unlock your potential to the best.

You also learn to channelize different intangible components that make you more mindful of your goals. The great thing of this course is everybody from all walks of life can benefit immensely from this course.