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Extreme tourism

Tourism may not be always for pleasure or relaxation but something adrenaline-rushing full of thrill and excitement. Also known as shock tourism, though both terms are not synonymous, this form of tourism involves exploring dangerous places or taking part in dangerous events. Is it risky? Can it be life threatening?  These are valid questions that strike your mind when you think of extreme tourism.

This course answers all your queries. It is an expert guidance detailing all interesting aspects of extreme tourism. Do you know it has an interesting history as well? Why paragliding, zip lining, bungee jumping are so popular nowadays? These too have different histories.

Extreme tourism is also seen as a life-transforming experience where travelers aim to push themselves beyond their comfort levels. This is meant to see life from a different perspective that is to enhance the challenge-accepting capacity.

Are you ready to go for extreme tourism? How to plan for it? What are the necessary arrangements? The course provides you all the details. It is not that one fine morning you pack your bag and set out for any random adventurous destination. You may not know how much thrill your nerves can endure.

Each chapter of this course is a journey by itself. You come across various destinations and its adventurous attractions. You get to know what are factors driving extreme tourism. Can you relate this with yourself? You get loads of information on extreme tourism activities. You also get an idea of expenses to facilitate your budgeting.