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Emotional Wellness Masterclass with Dr Prem

Emotional wellness lies at the heart of our daily lives and is an extension of our mental health. How many of us are aware of emotional wellness? What according to you is happiness? Does emotional wellness equal happiness? Can you switch off and on from emotional experiences? Experts view emotional wellness as an effective way to navigate ourselves through different stressful experiences in our lives without succumbing to it. How well can you handle your emotions positive and negative determines your emotional wellness. It shows your approach to life.

Emotional wellness teaches you to be mindful, take a pause and grow more self-awareness that helps to deal with various stressful situations smartly minimizing its damaging effects. Our mind is a den of random thoughts that upsets our emotional balance. The course takes you through key concepts of building emotional wellness in sync with your thoughts to accelerate your performance and productivity.

The tutorials designed easily connect your emotions and innate intelligence helping you mend your ways of looking at things. The prime objective of the course is to make you emotionally empowered with increased self-connection and integration. The course guides you to improve your mindfulness that is to remain always in the present moment. It will teach you how to accept or reject things in life creating the ability of emotional orientation in any situation. It will guide you in maintaining emotional hygiene to minimize stress.

You will work on the following concepts:

·      Enjoy more with less

·      Sculpting your mind

·      Happiness is NOW

·      Emotional hygiene

Awaken your awareness

What is emotional Wellness and why its important in corporates - Coaching by DR PREM JAGYASI