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Decision making Bullet course

Making choices from several alternatives of action (sometimes inaction) is called decision-making. In organizations, decision-making of leaders and executives is based on collected information and data. This short course gives you an in-depth overview of decision-making that would guide you in crucial times.

In an organization, decisions are either taken by individuals or a group of individuals aiming for specific outcomes. Decision-making demands knowledge, analytical power and guts to accept accountability. Great decision-making means the ability to make better choices. How to do that?

Hasty decision-making normally stems from improper analysis of all possible choices which can be disastrous. Decision-makers need should take into cognizance several factors before zeroing in on a point. The course touches upon the fundamentals of organization decision-making in relation to various aspects. You will learn how your decision-making can affect your organization’s risk management strategies.

This course elucidates different types of decision-making based on specific criteria segregating different components. It educates you about several phases of decision-making so that you are cognizant of each and every factor in the process.

The course highlights on specific techniques that every professional should know. Understanding of these techniques equips you with deeper analytical power that will help you handle critical situations confidently.