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Culinary Tourism


Culinary tourism is visiting destinations with a target of tasting authentic food and drinks typical to the region. In a wider sense, it is actually a part and parcel of a region’s culture. Culinary tourism is moving at a raging pace turning out to be a vital revenue earner for the destination explored. Culinary tourism is a significant constituent of tourism industry and a whole some exposure to this form of tourism leaves the customer happy with his lips smacking! Good and bonafide food typical of a specific destination is a powerful stimulus that lures the tourist to explore and consume different culinary delicacies on offer with respect to the place he visits.

 Food available in a particular destination is as strong a temptation ranking at par with other attractions like scenic beauty, accommodation available and other sources of pleasure that can be relished. The quest for good food and fine drinks forms the motivating factor behind culinary tourism. It is not mandatory to go overseas for culinary adventures. It can be nearer to your home as well. Culinary tourism includes an exploration of your destination's agricultural produce, sea food, fish, poultry and other forms of animal meat available and fit for consumption.