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Corporate Social Responsibility Masterclass with Dr Prem

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a well-known term not only among corporate but also among commoners. It is a self-regulation model adopted by corporate to make them socially accountable as well as contribute to the upliftment of local communities. This course gives you an overview of CSR touching the fundamentals and background along with due guidance about its effective implementation.

You get an interesting perspective of CSR objectives evolving since its initiation. Initially, CSR happened to be one of the toughest departments. Today, it is often directed by the top brass of the organizations. Corporate world has acknowledged CSR as a good avenue of building PR. All these have necessitated a guided coaching. This course empowers you with the knowledge required for specific companies taking up philanthropic projects for community development and sustainment.

At the start, you get to know about the history of CSR and why it emerged. It points out current developments and how it differs from the past based on evolving societal demands and requirements. CSR has different meanings and objectives for different people. The course gives you a better understanding of CSR aligning with corporate objectives. You get an insight into the potential business benefits.

You also learn how CSR can contribute to brand reputation management. This extensive guidance on CSR is meant for the benefit of all. Case studies referred facilitate effective learning where you develop a new outlook.