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Task Management Masterclass with Dr Prem

Effective task management is the key to maintain your productivity. Too many things on your plate? Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone this is a problem for most of us. This course provides you the best guidance in developing task management skills making you able to fulfill any time bound job. Students, professionals, executives, leaders, managers, homemakers – all find task management a daunting task. The course is purposed for all. Remember, good task managers are less stressed, get better results and enjoy more fruits of success.

The course is extensive and divided into specific parts. Each part has several chapters and is created with a specific objective that will help managing your task efficiently. Everybody has his/her way of managing regular tasks but at a point, there might be too many things to handle. Prioritizing becomes difficult. You may feel only if somebody is there to guide you. This is where this course comes in handy.

To build your task management skills, you need to be aware of a few tools. You need to culture a specific mindset. You need to ask yourself continuously how to improve my productivity? Have you noticed your distractions? Task management is linked to time management and planning. The course helps you in identifying specific task-management tools and its applications. Every day may not go as planned. How to maintain your schedule despite the hurdles? The course also helps you with essential hacks. The course will make you feel more determined and confident in meeting deadlines.