Communication with Impact

You may be able to communicate well when talking to a person because you feel at ease. But when you stand up in front of people, get very nervous. This can be a problem for all of us. We get nervous when it’s “show time.” Practice enables us to triumph when the nerves set in. Remember how you learned the language in the first place? You spent years listening to words and sentences being spoken out loud. You repeated the words out loud. You worked on the pronunciations out loud. You responded to questions out loud. The language only took root in your brain after hours and hours of repetitive practice out loud.

The same principle applies to business presentations. If you want to be great, you have to practice out loud. The first few times you rehearse, the words don’t come out the way you intended. But as you continue to rehearse, the presentation starts to sound smooth and fluid. That makes you more confident and less nervous. How should you rehearse? Practice the presentation start to finish, over and over, like a play. Then practice the beginning even more, until you know it cold. When your nerves kick in at the beginning of the presentation, you’ll be ready!

Exercise: 20 mins

Looking to bring all the elements covered during the session together. Ask the group to in pairs to practice ‘Presenting their message clearly and with impact’. Advise them that you would like them to deliver their key messages to each other approx. 5 mins each, then discuss what went well and any improvement opportunities (5 mins).

Finally, get the group to feedback some of their findings to each other with some specific examples of what went well, and improvements. Get the team to expand where necessary.

Discuss any interesting points and review the activity with the following…