Present Your Message

Present Your Message Clearly

Once you are clear about your message, make sure you will be able to present it clearly too.It is important to remember that a garbled, rushed message will lose all impact.

·      Talk slowly

·      Use an audible volume

·      Pause between points

·      Enunciate clearly

·      Stick to your points

If your communication is written, then keep the message clear here too. Use plain language, avoid jargon and stick to the point. If you’re not sure about thxe clarity of your message, then ask a colleague for a second opinion.

The last fundamental of clear presentation is practice; don’t think you can just walk in to a room with a bunch of notes and give people something they’ll remember. Practice on your own, and then ask some colleagues to listen to you. Know your key points well, so you won’t be able to lose your way. If you are using written communication, then re-read what you have written, and check if it is understandable to others before you send it.