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Learn medical tourism quality, legal, cultural and ethical issues Masterclass with Dr Prem

As medical tourism grows worldwide, it is imperative to focus more on quality, legal, cultural and ethical issues. Social and cultural mosaic is different in different countries and so are the patients. The course aims to equip medical tourism service providers, companies and also patients with specific knowledge and tools that will help in mitigating confusion and conflicts likely to arise from these issues.

Quality continues to top the priority list of patients but that also has a wide variation based on many factors. Poor knowledge and perception of legal, cultural and ethical issues project a bad image of the service providers especially those handling multi-cultural patients. For patients, it can be disastrous at times.

Very few are aware of the legal implications of medical tourism as treatment protocols vary with destinations. Is there any legal recourse for overseas patients if things go wrong? Who is there to help out in such case? How to make your patients well-informed about the risks and benefits of the treatment? This is important both for the patient and providers.

Cross-cultural difference is something beyond language-barriers it is more related to the patient’s lifestyle. It is influencing the patient’s decision-making. The course guides you to take the right approach in dealing with this issue. It shows you the ways to build cultural competency that will help in providing superb patient experience. Prospective medical travelers will gain deeper insights of crucial issues to make informed decisions.

You will learn:

·      Cultural considerations

·      Ethical issues

·      Understanding legal issues

·      Understanding the quality concerns

· How to develop cultural understanding of patients in medical tourism?