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Medical Tourism planning for patients Masterclass

You might be a smart travel planner experienced in international travel but medical tourism is a different ball game. Here, you need to plan for twin objectives – health and travel. Both are so intricately related to each other that a small planning lapse in one upsets the other. Health always remains the top priority which should be complemented by a smart travel plan.

You need to set objectives with full clarity while planning for this kind of travel. How well do you know the destination and its healthcare facilities? What is the level of criticality of your treatment that you are seeking? Will your demands/requirements match with the destination offerings both in terms of cost and quality? These are just few of the countless things you need to consider in your planning.

You are ready to put in your valuable time and money. It is very important to get a foolproof planning guidance from an expert to ensure a comfortable trouble-free travel. Being inexperienced in medical travel, chances are high you miss some crucial points, that could be costly.

The course is extensive with several chapters and sub-chapters. It not only teaches you the stepwise planning but also guides you to look at the intricacies involved in each step so that you can avoid possible pitfalls and leave no loose ends. It also guides you to be proactive to take on any situation.

You will learn:

·      Importance of planning

·      Selecting a good medical tourism destination

·      Preoperative preparations to keep in mind

·      How to select the right healthcare facility?

·      What to look for in a physician?

·      Budgeting your medical tourism

·      Travel arrangements

·      Tourism arrangements

And many more....