The essential feature of Romantic tourism is that the relationship existing between tourist couples is one of love and romance. Paramours teaming up as a single pair or large group of pairs leave their residence in quest of ventures that fires the flame of love that had been encased in the heart. Sipping an amazing mix of cocktail from a single glass with the back drop of the setting sun is a picture of a typical romantic break. Romantic tours are directed at engagements, wedding reception and bachelorettes where two souls can have eternal communications in the privacy of a pristine tourist destination.

Great tourist spots inspiring romantic tourism can have historical castles and bastions, mountainous terrains, breath taking valleys, golden sea beaches, pulsating disco theques, pubs and night clubs that guarantee an atmosphere triggering warmth and passion when ardent eyes meet perhaps over a candlelight dinner! Romantic tourism had always been there, and the trend is rising at a fiery pace contributing a substantial economic support to the tourism industry.


Lovers sipping coconut milk from a single shell is iconic. There are many more exciting actions in romantic tourism like kayaking, downhill skiing, swimming, surfing, disco, playing guitar around a bonfire and a lot more animated expression of amorous euphoria! Resting on the paramour's shoulder and spinning up gossamer dreams while the eyes kept transfixed on the distant roar of sea waves kissing the base of a submerged rock bed is yet another picture of romantic tourism.

Marriage anniversaries, honeymoons and romantic promises may look bland and devoid of charm if celebrated amid routine chores and hence the need to go far away from the madding crowd becomes an important requisite for the lovers to relish each other’s company amid an amazing setting way apart from everyday life.


Just imagine a gondola ride across a Venetian canal with your arm around your fiancé’s shoulder or hours of heartwarming conversation pouring out of the lovers’ lips as both of them wait with eyes locked enjoying panorama from atop an Eiffel Tower restaurant . The love juices work their way up as both of your hands get clasped trying to discover each other with a kind of new found love inspired by the awesome setting and certainly by the persons sitting close to each other whispering sublime words coated with honey. Breathtaking locations like a secluded corner of a Thai sea beach adds a sweet new dimension to your valentine's day as does the high end reception platform amidst the palace turned resort to your wedding celebration all decked in a royal grandeur!

Great escapades cast that magic spell on your mood. The presence of fiancée by your side and the intoxicating atmosphere prepares gets you into the right frame of mind when you earnestly wish the adorable moments in the company of your lover who has occupied most of your heart, would roll on for a length of eternity! Exquisite artwork embedded into monuments, palaces, citadels and famous paintings and sketches do inspire lovers to get absorbed into the magic talking about the finer details for hours falling in a close intimacy.

Gastronomic temptations native to a specific destination have parallel consequences. They motivate lovers and help them get into the right kind of disposition. Animated conversation between lovers over steaming stews and delectable muffins is a trademark feature in romantic tourism. It feels that the treat has landed on your table straight from a kitchen in paradise and the presence of the person you are courting just adds extra flavor to the food ordered.

These inputs are mood builders and you never know the potential latent in them and the intensity of romance they are capable of enthusing unless tried. Although romantic tourism seemingly touches the preferences of the younger age group, the senior couples often show same interest towards a stroll along the 'lovers’ lane' with lot of leisure hours in hand.

Tour to amazing getaways often refuels your romantic side inspiring you to rekindle your feelings for your partner, which the confinement of your routine life might have an adverse impact. Gone are days where weddings used to be organized in the local cathedrals and receptions planned in a domestic venue. Amazing lakesides, picturesque valleys and pristine country sides have become new destinations in the field of marriage anniversaries and wedding receptions.