Give Your Message Impact

Give Your Message Impact

Knowing your message won’t be enough to make it memorable; you need to show your passion for your subject. Once you are clear on what you want to say, you can work on getting your audience engaged. Excitement and enthusiasm translate into any situation; if you are positive your listeners are much more likely to be too. 

There is no doubt that a long, boring presentation will have far less impact than a short, punchy one:

• Smile and be welcoming.

• Focus on your audience.

• Love your subject, let your enthusiasm show.

• Pause between your key points to make sure they have time to sink in.

• Welcome questions and ideas; allow your audience to get involved.

• Written communication should start with clear, key points to grab attention.

• Use visuals where possible to give extra impact!

There will be a lot going on in your head through your internal dialogue, keep it simple and focus on your goals and a clear message!